What we do

About Transform-A-Roof // Relief Program

In 2018, Transform-A-Roof Relief Program was established as a non-profit organization, governed by a volunteer board of directors.  We are a group of like-minded people who see a need to help Youth who have overcome adversity and have made strides to better their lives.  We want to help create a home for them to feel a sense of belonging, pride and stability, where they can build their future from a place of hope.

Transform-A-Roof Relief Program will harness the resources of the community:  using recycled and renewed soft furnishings and décor, custom planned to suit the needs of these young people, so they can focus on a happy, healthy productive life.  Transforming their roof into a home.

“My place to call home”

Our Mission

Our mission at Transform-A-Roof Relief Program is to harness resources in the community to help improve the quality of life for at risk youth 18-26 years of age, transitioning into independent stable housing.

Our Vision

Our clients are disadvantaged youths that have already worked through adversity and are transitioning into permanent housing crucial to independence and stability.  We believe that a warm and inviting home environment nurtures feelings of hope, dreams, security and inspires them to be the best they can be.  Our vision is to inspire and connect community members to “pay-it-forward” either by volunteering their time and skills or through donations of money or quality soft furnishings to help our clients achieve an “at home feeling” under their new roof.  After all, every successful day begins and ends at home.

“My place to call home”

Our Values

Recycle – Reuse
Regenerate – Renew
Reinvigorate – Repurpose
Across our community, paying it forward across the generations